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The Warlocks have become one of the most provocative bands to come out of LA in the past five years. There has been a lot of darkness, mystery, drugs, and bands members with this band. They have finally produced their first record on a big label. They worked with producer Tom Rothrock. Everything that was promised in their first two albums and two EPs is developed into something really evil sounding and truly great on this new album. In the past The Warlocks have been known as a cool looking band who were glad to give us as a live band an hour of droning songs. Now they have actual songs that are memorable after a first listening. "Come Save Us" has all the spacey rock of their past songs, but sounds more crafted. Singer Bobby Hecksher has a real believability in his voice. It is like he has seen the worst aspects of human life and come back to tell us about it. "It's Just Like Surgery" has all the hooks and songwriting skills that their previous songs lacked. "Gypsy Nightmare" sounds like a lost track from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. They do a tribute to Phil Spector with "Angels In Heaven, Angels In Hell" and "Evil Eyes Again." This sounds much like fellow sonic travelers The Raveonetttes. "Starpower" is much like the one chord drones they have been playing for a while. But with that, there are some surprises. The musicality of "Thursday's Radiation" is just top notch. This is already a great live song. The album takes us on a great journey to many different lands. This music excites me. The Warlocks are at the height of their maturity. This is music at its best. I dare you to not like this.
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